March 26, 2010

Long conversation no more

Kalau dulu update daily, sekarang update weekly.

I have to find a way to fit myself in this situation, feeling like a sad-angel-ish feelings.
Haha now it's more to simple things, simple updates in my tweeter. Since I can update it with this phone. Mari berhijrah :D Haha but still, blogspot still have the x-factor that attracts me to update it. Like the attraction force. Woot.

So here are the list of things I wanted to write about - but stays in my mind for just a few seconds before any kind of virus penetrates in my brain and blew it away :

-I'll be going to lia house tmmrw hehe

-Justin bieber's - You got me is so stuck in my head. It reminds me of you, vamp :)

-Stuff at school is totally kicking several asses. Including mine and my friends'. Sometimes I don't understand why oldies have to be such a pain in the ass. It's sick. It's getting on our nerves so much.

-Hadif's birthday is coming, it's on March 28. I planned to be with him on his very birthday, but he won't be anywhere near. I was supposed to celebrate today, but I can't go out. I'm sorry.

-March test, I'm burning the midnight oil studying, and often turn up at school with panda eyes which makes my look not so cute haha. But vamp said it'll make us look cuter, but err whatever haha.

-I really miss uploading covers in my Youtube account. I really do.

-My thougts were wrong, my dad bukan sengaja tanak amik monitor. Kedai tu lembap sangat ! Again, with emphasized tone of voice, kedai tu, LEMBAP sangat.

-Lil bro is being a real twirt by jumping countless times on my sister's bed. I feel like eating his feet.
Currently texting vamp on what we wanted to be when we grow up. I don't know but right now, my passion is immunology. Bacteria rules.