June 24, 2010

Cry a river, drown the whole world

  • Slept at 4.30 am, everyday since last Wednesday, thanks a lot Facebook
  • Woke up at 2 pm, heard mummy screaming "GET UP"
  • Chores until noon, maybe 2pm
  • If it's my turn to online on the evening, yes, me and my sister switch turns. So, I'll go online now. If it's not, I'll probably be watching movies, mtv, listening to Justin Bieber's, read comic books.
  • And maybe thinking of ways to make my room look more, you know, me.
  • Until its like 7 pm.
  • Again, if it's my turn to online on the night, I'll start now. If it's not,I'll probably feed on my tummy. And watch more tv. Make hotdogs. Listening to more Demi's. Laying on bed. Read books.
  • And sometimes do picture collage with all of the pictures I kept since God knows when.
  • Probably check out my memory box.
  • Until I fell asleep, which is at 2 something. And I woke up, and yes same routine all over again.
That's it, no studying. I'm such a lazy pig homaigod. I'll change, yes I will. Since school starts the day after tomorrow. Excited to meet my friends :)