March 10, 2012

My sunlight, my thunder,

That's what you'd always be.

A beautiful rainy Saturday, isn't it? I feel so calm, relaxed and content.

Currently playing; Titanium (piano cover) 

There's something about sitting alone, nowhere near another soul and allowing your thoughts to drift away by the help of music. I find myself very odd, I would drown in the saddest melodies and choose to look back on things. Not that it's a daily routine, no. I'm almost always happy lately and my days may go haywire towards the ending. I thank God the almighty for blessing me with such luck.

January, February, March 2012 has been good to me. It was pretty much all smiles and laughs. Life is going on steady. Okay no, not steady but sure is alright. Some days, are simply one of the best. I'm glad I am who I am right now. Ahh finally, don't you just love holidays? I probably sound like I'm at beach with big black shades on, playing kites when in reality, I'm on my bed. Yep, I'm staying at home studying on a sweet holiday break. 

But hey,
It was all so worth it.