October 12, 2011

Hallelujah baby,

And alhamdulilah too.

Oh my god, its been a while hasn't it. Ever since PMR ended I had plans almost everyday. Yep, everyday. I'd love to talk about how amazing my days has been. I went through the past week with a big smile on my face each and everyday. Maybe not every minute but I still did.

Currently playing; Bad meets evil - Lighters ft. Bruno Mars.

I am currently loving life, appreciating life, living life. Maybe not to the fullest just yet, but I'll be there soon. Besides, this is good enough for me as it is. Thank you Allah :)

So many things happened, so little time to spill. Okay whatever. The past and used-to-be, it will always be a part of one's memory. No matter how cold, how exciting, how you wish you can forget about it, you wont ever. Mistakes are made, loads of em. Do you think you can turn back time and correct what's wrong? I think not. Regretting is a waste of time. So why don't we put what's past in the "Past List" and move on with life?

What's present, might be sweet, might be bitter. Depends on your luck. Depending on how you deal with life. In my case, everything is bittersweet. A little bit of both. But with wonderful people in it, how can I not love life.

Let people into you life.
Believe me, the outcome is worth it.