September 6, 2012

I Believe,

I owe it to a lot of people, for bringing me to where I am today.

Wait For You by Elliott Yamin

So it's already been a week since we got into September. I have somehow taken myself to trips down memory lane. Every memory came gliding in, like the sound of pitter patter - slowly, calmly, wonderfully. No complaints.

I think all it took was one visit back to the past, reliving moments I never thought I'd ever get the chance to again. But God works in mysterious ways, and instead of giving me what I wished for on a silver platter, He gave me an opportunity to see things for myself, and solely evaluate what's always been in the back of my mind. Because God never gives us the easy way out as He wants us to understand why things happen the way they do.

I've loved and I've lost, I've tripped and I've climbed. I've discovered people of all kinds. The year has been tough and the roads has been rough but God is fair as He gives us what we deserve. He also showed me that patience pays off - as with a bit of tolerance things do get better.

I've learned that being mad, or even sad gets you nowhere. Although I think, we all have had that understanding within us ever since day 1 - we just chose to ignore it because we prefer being in a rut rather than looking at the brighter side of things.

I know it's a long run until I can actually reach my happy ending, so I suppose all I can do now is work my way up so that in the end it'd be worth it. A short term sacrifice for a long term happiness. And I needn't be too hard on myself over anything dainty, life is too short to take everything too seriously.

Breathe in, breathe out,
Life goes on, days get brighter.